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The Refinery Chiropractic is pleased to serve our Tyler, Texas community with high quality chiropractic care.

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Our Mission at

The Refinery Chiropractic

Is to serve God by empowering the East Texas community to refine their health through principled chiropractic. Our desire is to see families take action over their health through the removal of nerve interference and therefore enable the body to heal, feel, and function at its highest potential.


The Refinery Chiropractic is dedicated to diagnosing and addressing the specific concerns of each of our patients.

  • Pediatric Care

    By regularly undergoing chiropractic care, children can properly maintain an ideal spinal alignment that will not only prepare their bodies for the rigors of childhood, but also for the trials of adulthood.

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  • Torque
    Release Technique

    This technique allows us to identify the core causes of a wide range of health issues and to create personalized treatment plans that produce true and lasting results.

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  • Prenatal Care

    Women who receive prenatal chiropractic care may experience a significantly shorter labor and a decrease in the need for medical intervention.

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The Refinery Chiropractic

At The Refinery, we specialize in pediatric, pre-natal, individual, and family chiropractic services. We treat a wide variety of health conditions in individuals of all ages, from young children to seniors. Thanks to our years of expertise and experience in the chiropractic industry, we can provide quick relief for acute and chronic pain alike by correcting the underlying causes of your ailments rather than merely treating surface symptoms.

When you seek out chiropractic care, you probably have one goal in mind: relief. As a result of our comprehensive initial evaluation process, we can determine the underlying problems causing your pain or discomfort. We can even work to prevent health issues from arising by addressing areas of your joints and spine that could flare up down the road. Thanks to the most advanced technology and techniques available, we work every day to help our patients live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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We understand that by focusing on the health needs of entire families, we can create a stronger, healthier community overall. Our constant mission is to encourage our patients to achieve the highest levels of health and wellness possible. If you are interested in compassionate chiropractic care in the Tyler, Texas area, contact The Refinery Chiropractic today.

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